Embellished Cable Scarf E841


A very special, almost heirloom piece in my opinion. My unique design.

I hand knit a beautiful cable pattern and then I hand sew a variety of embellishments to create a wonderful and very glamorous scarf.
The embellishment is at the front neck of the scarf and at both ends as can be seen on the photographs.

I never use glue to attach the decals and beads as it can discolour and the pieces easily fall off, we don't want that do we?

I then fringe the ends of the scarf with lovely yarns to finish it off.

This one is a beautiful soft Lilac with Silver and Purple metal decals, Lilac and Purple glass beads and round glass Lilac beads.
The fringe is made from plain knitting yarn, Lilac, White and Purple silky yarn and a Lilac sparkle yarn. Very glamorous.

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